Who We Are

Sam Hospitality Training

Sam Hospitality has worked with hospitality establishments in South Africa since 2011. From the research that we have conducted, the common challenge has become clear to us; it is difficult to hire suitably trained staff (especially junior staff). We have also established as well that some hospitality businesses are so busy they do not get the time to be training entry-level employees. That is why we developed The Hospitality Training & Placement Programme (HTPP), which is aimed at providing a 360 degree solution. The service is free to our partners.

Hospitality Training

The Hospitality Training & Placement Programme has been designed to train students from all walks of life and to allow them to gain experience in the South African hospitality industry. All students that enroll on HTPP complete all relevant modules in their respective departments, before being placed in a Hospitality Host Business (HHB). The training element allows Sam Hospitality to make sure that all candidates are of high standard before being sent to a Hospitality Host Business.

What are the benefits?

Our motivated students help you deliver exceptional customer service. We endeavour to provide you as the HHB with a staffing solution that works, and once that will make a notable difference to the lives of young people who are willing, hard-working and capable of meeting both your and your guests’ expectations. We are confident that this programme will give you a peace of mind, knowing that your business is staffed when the level of service demands it.

Quality of Service

At Sam Hospitality, we are dedicated to providing high quality service to you, the HHB and to the students who enroll with us. We have no doubt that this solution would also work with you and your business. We interview the students before accepting and sending them to the HHB. Our terms and conditions also ensure that students are aware of the level of service that is expected. Where possible, we try to match students with the skills you have stipulated, including those with experience or who are familiar with the culture, geographic location and language(s) either widely spoken in the area or by your guests.