Wine Service Course

A guest’s dining experience is not complete without proper wine service. A server is not maximizing income opportunities without proper wine service skills. A meal is not truly complete without the accompaniment of wine. Proper wine service brands a restaurant and ensures repeat clientele and positive reputation. Guests will return often and recommend the place to their friends, thus causing the restaurant and the team members to prosper. Second, the sale of a glass or a bottle of wine adds to the guest’s check thereby automatically increasing tips. Third, wine adds to the profit of the restaurant. This basic wine service training is a 5 day program and consists of the following topics: Common Questions about Wine How Wine is made Harvesting Crushing Fermentation Aging Racking Bottling How Champagne is made Wine Tasting Appearance Aroma Taste Balance Finish How to read a wine label Vintage Date Winery Name and Location Geographic Designation Alcohol content How to sell wine Serving and Presentation of Wine Temperature Timing Presentation Glossary of Wine Terms.